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What is Vedanta?

Vedas, as revealed to ancient sages, called Rishis, are handed down from one generation to another. The first part of the Vedas talks about karma and karma phala, meaning activities and their results. The word phala literally means fruit and like all fruits karma phala is also perishable. Yes, good actions can take one to heaven, but even heaven is perishable.

The last part of Vedas is Vedanta which means end, or essence of the Vedas. It reveals that there is one entity that is not perishable, and that is the essence of your self - not what you take yourself to be. The vision that Vedanta unfolds is that the reality of the individual, the world and God is one non-dual consciousness that is timeless and pure. Knowing this, one gets free from all struggles based on a sense of inadequacy. Though preserved in the Veda, the wisdom expounded in Vedanta transcends all religions.

Thus, the self, or atma, is the subject matter of Vedanta. Thus, Vedanta is also known as adhyatma vidya, the study of oneself, or Brahma Vidya, the reality of everything - the two are one and the same. The teaching is generally in the form of dialogues between a teacher and a student, in Vedic texts called Upanishads. In Bhagavad Gita, Krshna also reveals the same truth, and so Gita is also a Vedantic text. More articles on Vedanta and other areas are given here.

Arsha Vidya Center is our local bay area center, dedicated for the study of Vedanta through weekly classes.

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